Back in The Saddle, Again

- May 16, 2012

"Getting in shape for cycling, especially for a long event, like The Century, is no small feat"

It was a great day for a bike ride and many of us are preparing for The Santa Fe Century Ride, which takes place next Sunday. Today's ride went from Eldorado, down 285, into Galisteo and then up onto the rolling hills of Route 42. Aside from it being a wonderful training ride, I never tire of the view, and I never tire of taking pictures of it.

Galisteo is a lovely village, with a beautiful church and, not unimportantly, a very gregarious horse by the name of Lucky who happily greets all cyclists. I've never stopped to take his portrait before, but that oversight was remedied today. You can see for yourself what a handsome guy he is. Nice that he smiled for the camera.

Getting in shape for cycling, especially for a long event, like The Century, is no small feat. I've been sore for a couple of weeks, although today was the most comfortable ride I've had so far. The body does come around given enough abuse, I mean conditioning.

Today, I rode with my friend and neighbor, Devon, who is always up for a good day in the saddle. I'm going to tell a little story about Devon here which might end our friendship, but it might also function as a word to the wise.

All cyclists, and I suppose all athletes, have a routine for preparing their gear. I do, and as long as I adhere to it, religiously, everything goes fine. But….for those times when we deviate…and yes, become "deviants", terrible things happen. Devon took her bike out a few days ago to get ready for a ride, planning to put the bike in the car, but instead she placed it BEHIND the car. Everything else had been loaded already. So, dear audience, must I spell it out for you?? Correcto. She ran over the bike with the car!!! Fortunately she heard the mind-numbing "crunch" early enough and realized what was going on.

The story has a happy ending. She only needed a left front brake lever replaced, and that was professionally supplied, by Spin Doc. The owner just happened to have a spare part, and Devon is lucky because a new lever would have costs in the hundreds of dollars.

We only did 42 miles today, and I doubt we'll be up to speed for the full 100 miles by next Sunday, so we might well do what is referred to "in the business" as a metric century….100 kilometers. It sounds better than saying 60 miles!

See you on the road. Ride safely, or, in the parlance of the day…RIde Safe.

Happy Trails to You
From Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Land of Enchantment