Bah Humbug Nerd Rage! - December 27, 2011

"Technology fail"

I haven't been on air recently and will not until I am better. So with the highly anticipated holidays I again find myself with a cold. But, it was unlike any other cold I have had before. Day one... sore throat, day two no more sore throat but now a raging fever, day three no more fever but now extreme congestion, day four a brutal cough and it's lingered on to day six. I just hate always getting sick when the seasons change, and I'm starting to hate my immune system.

Now that wasn't the worst of it... the worst of it happened yesterday when I was trying to make room inside my home PC (which could control a million satellites, while downloading music and videos and recording music all while editing video) for a new 2-terabyte drive I had just bought. I was moving around a few hard drives and making it more "economical"  by moving the hard drive, which only holds the operating system and program files, when the plastic L-shaped bracket broke off of the SATA connector to the motherboard. I thought, eh, no problem some plastic epoxy and I'm set.

Well, that didn't work... so I tried a few other things like wedging the pins in place with another L-shaped bracket. I ripped off a small 20GB hard drive from a laptop. FAILED! I tried numerous other illogical, impractical, and immoral things to try to get it to work, all without success. So I decided... oh well... whatever I lost I can reinstall.

Now comes the part where I went into rage cage mode. Installing the 2-terabyte drive and then booting up to reinstall Windows 7 Ultimate (yes I hate MAC computers and I always will), I put in my original Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit CD into the drive and the installation process started (keep in mind this disc is flawless, no scratches, no dirt, no weird finger prints, and definitely not any residue from cigarette smoke). It started and when it got to 11% it simply said, "Windows could not complete installation, please reboot and try again." I'm here with my WTF face on and I reboot. It fails again. And again, And again. And again. Then I found a disk image DVD that I had with the same operating system on it. I tried that... this one got to 100% then said it couldn't write to the boot manager and to try again. I did it again. And again. And again. All with fail written all over it.

So here I am. I got fed up with it and decided I was going to try to replace the PCB board, which means I have to try to buy the exact hard drive of the one that is broken so that I can simply unscrew parts and then screw in new parts. The saddest thing ever is that a package was just delivered to my door from Newegg (my online computer shop of choice) with all the components I need to upgrade my computer to be even more beastly than ever. And I can't play with them. I have a new motherboard which fits the new 8-core processor from AMD and I upgraded my "STRANTH" (memory) for 16GB worth of RAM. I will not toy with these until the new drive gets here so I can see if swapping PCB's will help out. I'm so sad that this means no recording new music, no editing videos, no computer games, no World of Warcraft, and if the drive fails and I absolutely have to reinstall Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, and that means at least a week of digging the interwebs for the updated patches and firmware for my older devices like the MBOX 002 from Avid (for use with ProTools), and the Soundblaster Audio Card, and whatever... I hate technology right now.

I'm basically trying to say that I hate whoever decided a cheap plastic bracket would suffice as a good means of securing a cable to the hard drive. That person is an idiot. And in the first place, I wasn't even being rough with that hard drive at all. It just fell off with the head of the SATA cable into the black abyss. Wish me luck in getting this all restored. It's not going to be fun spending a week reinstalling $15k worth of software. *sad face*