Be a Groupie: Using LinkedIn Groups

- March 30, 2012

Digital Friday/People

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Today we are going to look deeper into LinkedIn, the powerful networking tool we’ve discussed previously, focusing specifically on LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn provides the opportunity to join groups formed around people with common interests. I am a member of several branding and marketing groups. Finding groups is easy, there is a directory on
LinkedIn or you can use a key word search. LinkedIn will also suggest groups that may be of interest to you.

LinkedIn provides a list of all the groups you belong to. You can follow those groups, see what people are posting and make your own posts. LinkedIn also allows you to establish your own group, whatever
your interest might be, to enable others to share their thoughts with you.

There are numerous benefits of using LinkedIn groups. First, you have access to like-minded people. Whatever your interests are, there are others in Linked In with similar interests. Next, you have access
to great content posted on LinkedIn and the ability to choose what you want to watch and read. You are able to comment and have others acknowledge your comments and reply, generating interaction.

Leveraging Groups will expand your network. When you encounter someone whose interests align with yours, seek them out through the group.

Additionally, I have found that commenting on a site like LinkedIn enhances your search engine optimization. Comments are picked up in a Google or Yahoo search.

I recommend you join a few LinkedIn groups. Follow what the members are talking about, add your own comments and establish yourself as an expert in that field.

Look for Once a Day Marketing’s own group coming soon to LinkedIn. We will encourage our community to comment and share ideas and inspirations to make small businesses successful.

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