Becoming a Total Solutions Company

- April 24, 2012

Strategic Tuesday/Product

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy for Once a Day Marketing. Today is Strategic Tuesday and I’ll share advice that will have your customers thinking of your company more often.

The strategy to consider is becoming what I call a total solutions company. This will allow customers to see you as a brand or a company that will meet a greater number of their needs. Eliminate customer perception of you as narrow focused with respect to your offerings and become the one-stop-shop for them.

Customers often have a fixed budget to accomplish a project. If you are thought of as a total solutions company and perceived as offering more products, there is a greater chance you will get a larger percentage of their total budget than you would have otherwise when you were only offering a narrow product range.

Let me share with you how the total solutions concept has enabled me to evolve my business. Initially, I established a film and video production company and my goal was to make great videos. I found that clients didn’t only require video, they also needed other media so my company wasn’t top of mind.

I revamped my company and added all media types to my offerings. I was now a media production company, not just a video production company, so my clients considered me when they needed any form of media. However, then I found they weren’t always thinking about media because it wasn’t the strategy they were pursuing.

I repositioned my company for a third time and established a total solutions company that would drive strategy and would play into all forms of media and video. I broadened my offerings over the years.

You’ll have to define what total solutions means to your company. It may be a great strategy for you to consider in the future. It would be beneficial to have your customers turning to you for more solutions then they do currently. Implement in stages and expand your offerings over time.

Thanks for watching. Please join us tomorrow for Action Wednesday. If you need branding support, please contact me to discuss an online or face to face service engagement. That information can be found at the end of this video. I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing and we’ll see you next time.