Bernese Mountain Dog v. Dachshund

- June 28, 2013

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Dear Georgia,

I am thinking of adopting a Bernese Mountain Dog from a shelter. Any advice as to how to make my dachshund who is 12 years old comfortable about adopting such a large dog?


Worried About The Wiener Dog

Dear Worried About The Wiener Dog,

First, here I am giving you four paws up for adopting a dog from a shelter. We shelter dogs are forever grateful to our people for removing us from prison and putting us up on a pedestal where we rightfully belong. So yea you!

Now to your Wiener dog issue. Let’s get a visual here. A standard size dachshund weighs between 16-32 pounds and has stubby little legs. I moi self personally weigh about 13 pounds and have the same legs as a dachshund plus maybe two inches, legs I apparently inherited from my person. A Bernese Mountain dog weighs between 80-110 big ones and stands about 25 inches tall.

Basically, your Wiener dog could stand directly underneath the BM dog with plenty of head room to spare. One good wack of that BM dog’s tail and you can kiss your Wiener good bye! I mean the pillow size fur balls the BM dog sheds could suffocate Wiener! On the other hand, little Wiener could attach to herself to BM dog like a barnacle and drive the big dog nuts. That said, there is hope.

I read up on this topic and spoke to the Chihuahua down the street who lives with a newly acquired big retriever. One factor is the sex of the BM dog. Seems it might be better if your BM dog is the opposite sex of Wiener. The most important factor, though, is personality. If Wiener is a confident, assertive, controlling little thing, then she would prefer a laid back BM dog. Match the energy levels, too. Since Wiener is a senior, she probably would not like to hang around an energetic crazy puppy. The best fit might be a young adult, low energy laid back BM dog.

You can find tons of material on the Internet on how to handle the introduction. I’m thinking that first meeting involves lots of treats and an exit strategy for Wiener dog. Good luck!


Georgia the Dog

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