Bite: Tree House Pastry Shop & Cafe - August 25, 2011

"I have to be honest – I come here mostly for the breakfast burrito"

The Tree House is one of those amazing restaurants that does everything the right way.  It is an all-organic, vegetarian pastry shop with gluten-free options.  The menu is based on what is local and seasonal.  They even accommodate some special requests, if you call ahead.

Distance from Santa Fe Plaza: 3.4 miles/ 10 minutes

Address: 1600 Lena St.

Phone Number: 505.474.5543

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 8 a.m.-11:30 a.m. breakfast/ 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. lunch



Average Price: $8-10/plate

Vegan Options: Yes

Gluten Free Options: Yes

Why I love this spot: I have to be honest – I come here mostly for the breakfast burrito.  The burrito takes up the generous plate, and is stuffed with black beans and potatoes.  The eggs and cheese are optional, and they substitute with their amazing Tempeh (which I highly recommend). The dish is then smothered with local red chile, and mine usually comes with a healthy serving of sprouts (yessss!). They also feature pupusas, which is this vegetarian’s delight.

I love being able to eat practically everything on the menu.  It seems like almost everything is made to order, so it’s easy to make substitutions. The service isn’t too speedy, but that gives you time to people-watch in the shop (or to consider ordering one of the many gluten-free pastry items they have on display). The ambiance is funky and contemporary. Just looking at the decorations usually passes my time. I believe they have free Wi-Fi as well, so you can plop on one of their cozy couches and surf the internet while you wait.

It’s very important that we keep going to places like the Tree House to show our support for restaurants that use organic, local ingredients. Other restaurants should strive to be like them.