Bite: Vinaigrette - September 18, 2011

"Why I love this spot"

Vinaigrette is one of my favorite spots in Santa Fe. If you want to eat fresh, local and healthy, look no further.  The owner, Erin Wade, grows a good amount of the food served at the restaurant on her farm in Nambe. I usually get my salads to go, but the atmosphere in the restaurant is reminiscent of the entrees – fresh and fun.

Distance from Santa Fe Plaza: 1.2 miles/ 5 minutes

Address: 709 Don Cubero Alley, Santa Fe NM 87505 (Off of Cerrillos near Whole Foods)
Phone Number: 505.820.9205
Hours: Monday through Saturday, 11am -9pm


Average Price: $10-12/plate

Vegan Options: Yes

Gluten Free Options: Yes

Why I love this spot:

There are so many reasons why Vinaigrette is an amazing place to eat. As I emphasized before, the food is the freshest you will ever find in a restaurant. Most of the vegetables are picked mere hours before they grace your taste buds. Erin’s farm is in Nambe, so it doesn’t get much more local than this.

The uber healthy menu is comprised of mostly salads, but they are so much tastier than what I am used to. My regular order is the Cherry Tart – arugula with local feta, dried cherries and toasted pecans. I have made this a few times at home, but the ingredient I cannot replicate is the Champagne vinaigrette. That’s what keeps me coming back. Jonathan, my other half, always orders Eat Your Peas, which is baby lettuce, peas, mushrooms and Asiago cheese (hold the bacon). He doesn’t even like salads that much, furthermore anything with vinaigrette dressing, but he drools over this dish. Many of the salads have meat or protein options for a heartier meal

Vinaigrette’s atmosphere is contemporary and clean. The inside seating is open cafeteria style, with smaller tables for those who enjoy a bit more privacy. The outdoor patio is peaceful with the ambiance of a Zen garden, but it is only open for a few more weeks until it closes for the winter. If you are not into salads, there are plenty of other seasonal options, such as twice-baked potatoes or goat cheese potato gratin. I encourage all locals to try out Vinaigrette – it is still a new restaurant, so we must show our support for those who allow us to get local, organic, healthy food on the go.