Brand Strategy That Delivers: Part 2

- March 28, 2012

Action Wednesday/Positioning

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing.  Welcome to Action Wednesday where we will conclude our series with Brand Strategy That Delivers: Part 2.

To reiterate, a positioning statement identifies your target customers and how you want them to perceive your brand in the marketplace.

The following is a template that describes the components of a positioning statement.  Begin thinking about what fits into each area for your company.

(Product/service/company) is the one (frame of reference/industry) that provides (your target audience/customers) with (benefit/point of difference) because (reason to believe) so that (emotional end benefit).


First you identify your product, service or company.  Then describe the frame of reference or industry  you are in.  Define your target customers.  Elaborate on the benefit or points of difference that you bring to your customers and why they should believe in your ability to deliver.  Lastly, add the emotional benefit customer will derive from using your product, service or company.

 Now let’s take a look at the current Once a Day Marketing positioning statement.  Remember, we’re a young company and I will be revising this positioning statement over time.

 Once A Day Marketing is the one marketing consulting company that leverages digital technology to provide entrepreneurs and small businesses with knowledge, strategy and inspiration to market every day to improve their bottom line.  James Glover, “That Branding Guy,” and founder of Once A Day Marketing has been generating innovative branding and marketing solutions for clients for over 25 years and shares his expertise to enable emerging companies to succeed.

The positioning statement drives branding and marketing for your organization.  Spend time identifying each of the four components identified in Part 1 and add the fifth element: emotional end benefit.  Then develop a concise, accurate statement that describes your company, product or service and craft that into a positioning statement

Based on new things that come into the mix, using your SWOT analysis and the branding activities of your  competition, update the positioning statement as needed.

That concludes Part 2 of our Brand Strategy That Delivers, please join us tomorrow for Recon Thursday.  To discuss an online or face-to-face service engagement and enhance the marketing and branding for your organization, contact James Glover: (505) 501-1330 or  I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing and we’ll see you next time.