Branding a Boutique Chocolate Maker

James Glover - April 2, 2014


Listen to our featured Those Branding Guys radio show podcast: CG Higgins Confections

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™.  On our radio show Ask Those Branding Guys, we discussed the branding and marketing of a artisan chocolate maker. 

Joining us on air was Chuck Higgins, owner of C.G. Higgins Confections, a popular Santa Fe chocolatier. Chuck’s interest in hand crafted candy was piqued when he first encountered a superior product and he began his chocolate making career selling only peanut rolls at a Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Higgins later focused his business on state fairs and his experience in New Mexico influenced his decision to eventually move his business to Santa Fe. Chuck commented that selling at various venues helped him determine what time of the day his product sold best. This is a good exercise for every business to identify.

C.G Higgins Confections has two locations. One is a destination location on a main thoroughfare and the other is a downtown location which has substantial walk in traffic. Chuck opened the downtown location to bring his product to the customers rather than have customer seek out his store as a destination. He also tailors product to the different sites; downtown he offers cinnamon rolls to go with coffee. All recipes are proprietary and Chuck is passionate about delivering the best product possible.

As far as branding is concerned, Higgins chose the current name for his store because the old name was not applicable to his product line. Glover commented that Chuck has an opportunity to have fun with various names if he is interested in a sub-brand. His previous brand name Chuck's Nuts would lend itself to a "crazy" line of alternative chocolates.

With respect to creating awareness for his brand, Higgins feels that high quality of his product is very important. The customer experience is also foundational to his brand image. Higgins biggest branding challenge is a website and face book page that are not updated consistently. Glover commented that images on Instagram would be an ideal mechanism for chocolates. Watch for C.G. Higgins social media marketing coming soon.

Enjoy the podcast.

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