Breakfast in Santa Fe

Greta Chapin McGill - April 30, 2013

"Santa Fe is a breakfast town."

Crepes at Saveur

Santa Fe is a breakfast town. There are many spots where you can get a special, delicious and elegant breakfast or brunch in the City Different. In fact, many people eat a late breakfast/lunch and then forgo a heavy meal at dinner. Seasoned Santa Fean’s are privy to many of the great open-at-8-close-at-3 breakfast nooks in town. I am a fan of eating most of my calories before 6 p.m., so this kind of spot really gets my attention.

My favorite is Clafoutis. This lovely little unassuming and totally French bruncherie is located on Guadalupe just off West Alameda. If you want something sweet and light, I highly recommend the waffles. They are without a doubt the best I have had. The bread is beyond compare. My classic French breakfast of coffee and baguette with jam and butter is always on hand, and the greeting I get keeps me coming back. Let me not forget the crepes and fresh fruit. The lunch menu is homestyle country French and the portions of coq au vin are generous and delicious. Claufoutis is the name of a delicious French tart made fresh everyday. Taste this delicacy, served in seemingly endless fruit flavors, may appear quite sweet but it’s a light tart, perfect for breakfast or dessert.

Waffles at Claufoutis

If a traditional American breakfast is your pleasure, you have to stop at The Pantry Restaurant on Cerillos. Fat pancakes, crispy bacon and eggs over easy dinner style. Great red and green chile and traditional New Mexican breakfast burritos are served in a homey atmosphere where some customers are regulars at the counter for over 20 years.

They have all the lunch specials you could desire when you want that quick lunch. The coffee is great and a real eye opener!

Saveur bistro on Montezuma is one of Santa Fe's hidden gems. The breakfast is so light and special. I highly recommend the spinach crepe and the Antoinette, a muffin with spinach, tomato and a poached egg with a cream sauce. The staff is so friendly and they have a brunch buffet, fresh and hearty every day. The deviled eggs are extraordinary and the fruit is always perfect and sweet.


The Swiss Bakery on Guadalupe is another special bruncherie I like very much. The staff is very friendly and the pastries are really good. The French toast is worth the trip and the coffee is really great.

Santa Fe has it’s own flavor and brunch is one special tradition that I have adopted as my own. There are many places for breakfast but these were just a few of my favorite spots. These places, populated and supported by local residents, always offer the best quality and consistency. It’s great to have brunch with my girls at one of these spots. Conversation, laughs, lattes and sweets. We get back to our day totally refreshed by our girl time. Try one of my favorite ways to experience the flavor and style of Santa Fe -- get the fever for brunch.