Children’s Choir

- July 11, 2011

Choeur D'Enfants D'ile-De-France City of Levallois

Music Director & Conductor: Professor Francis Bardot


St Francis Auditorium Sunday July 10th

brought to Santa Fe with the help of The Santa Fe Concert Association


Auditorium packed.

The children parade solemnly onto the stage.

Many are very young, the oldest maybe 14.

Girls and boys wait patiently for Mr Bardot's cue.


Out of their mouths, in English

they sing the Star Spangled Banner

A retired teacher stands up and the remaining

audience stands too.


La Marseillaise follow and their voices energize

their faces beam. Ambassadors of freedom,

hope, and wonder.


Classical music and contemporary favorites

innocence replaced with well crafted talent

children expressing conviction through strong voices


Affirming power, healing, and belief

of music blessing all humanity.

Dare not turn away from their directness


Hearts express tenderness

appreciating benevolent gifts

and wondrous joy from the children's

vibrant expressions.


Audience welcomes and appreciates

a spectacular performance.

The Santa Fe Concert Association, , celebrating it's 75th anniversary this year. Visit the dynamic program offerings at their site or call:505.984.8759 Donations and sponsorships help provide for educational programs including children's programs and free concerts.  Music opens the heart, provides inspiration and joy, and supports health and spiritual well being.