Chris’ Craves: The Gimlet - July 10, 2011

"...I must delve, and deepen, deconstruct and recreate."

Oftentimes in the summer I am looking for a refreshing libation to enjoy while sitting on my porch or swinging in my hammock (better yet poolside).  Something easy and relaxed like the state of mind I want to be in after several nights of creating and concocting drinks for the masses.

One of my faves?  The Gimlet.

Not too much is known about the history of this drink.  Some say it is a creation of Lauclan Rose, who patented a lime cordial in 1867 then contracted with the British Royal and Merchant Navies who at the time required at the time a daily ration of lime to all sailors for the prevention of scurvy.  At that time as well, sailor’s also received a run (and eventually gin) in their daily rations, so it may have been simply popularized because of the use of Rose’s Lime cordial.  Either way, it is a fantastically easy drink and perfet for chillaxin’ in the sun.

Take 2 ounce of gin and combine with about ½ ounce of lime cordial, shake with ice and strain into your favorite chilled cocktail glass and garish with a lime wheel. It’s cool to serve over ice as well.  That simple.

Now being the cocktail geek I am, I can’t leave this ‘as is’.  No, I must delve, and deepen, deconstruct and recreate. I must be true to my mixing and meddling, and make my own lime cordial.   Sadly mass production and cost make a company add all kinds of things to their products that quite simply I am not to hip on.  I like my sugar to be sugar, and lime to be lime: not corn syrup and extract with the possibility of food coloring and  preservatives.  YUCK!

So, if you are craving a cool crisp cocktail, give the gimlet a try.  Or better yet, stop by and see me at Secreto.   Play your cards right and I’ll share how to make your own lime cordial.