Color Rx: Rex Ray and Jennifer Joseph

- July 26, 2012

“Turner Carroll’s show through August 18…”

Canyon Road’s Turner Carroll Gallery opens a show of work by Rex Ray and Jennifer Joseph this Friday, running through August 18, as these two great artists examine the treatment or prescription of color and imagine a new way of seeing.

Rex Ray is a San Francisco-based artist whose collages, paintings and design work have been exhibited at galleries and museums, including The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art. He is also a celebrated graphic designer—from Apple and Dreamworks and publishers Rizzoli and Crown Books, to his package designs for David Bowie and posters for the Rolling Stones, Patti Smith, REM, Bjork, U2 and Radiohead.

Jennifer Joseph views her recent works as minimalist mandalas – originating from a central point, they are constructed one brushstroke at a time outward to the edges.  When complete, the surface engages light in a specific way, and varies in response to ambient light conditions and the perspective of the viewer.

Since her arrival in Santa Fe in 1991, Joseph has dedicated herself to a body of work consisting of painting and sculptural installation that is primarily an investigation of subtle structures. Using proliferations of one thing, whether it is a brushstroke or a readymade object, she creates systems and employs structures that interact with the random phenomena of light, perspective and perception. Her process is largely meditative.