Consistent Messaging Inside and Out

- April 25, 2012

Action Wednesday/Process

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing. It’s Action Wednesday and before we begin I would like to remind you to please send me your comments, like our Facebook page, retweet, and share your thoughts. The more you share the more we can enhance your Once a Day Marketing experience.

Today we will discuss consistent messaging inside your company and out.

Every day we talk about branding and marketing. It’s important for you to develop a branding and marketing campaign. I know you’ve been working on it or have already implemented. You’re identifying target customers, creating a compelling message and you’re trying to be consistent and repetitive with that message so that people hear it over and over again. It takes time to have your company be top of mind when it comes to buying your product.

Once the message has been created, what are doing to make sure everyone inside your organization is on the same page regarding that messaging?

Remember, everybody in your company is a brand ambassador. It’s critical for them to be on the same page with you with respect to the messaging you’re sharing with the public. When customers comes in, phone or email, they should be sharing the same compelling, consistent message that you are.

For example, a small community is sharing a message that they are a tourism destination and there are many things to do in town. If a tourist comes to town, sits down in a restaurant and asks the waiter what is there to do in town and the waiter answers “There’s nothing to do in this town.” All the marketing and branding goes out the window. It’s vital to ensure that the messaging you’re sharing with your audience is also understood by the people inside your organization or in this case the town.

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