Cultural Bytes for July 10, 2012: A Private Music Space Opens and Patina Gallery Presents

- July 10, 2012

"Goddesses and Divas…"

The Paradiso Opens

The Paradiso, a new, private music club at 1413 Paseo de Peralta, opens with a series entitled: "Goddesses and Divas." The events begin this Saturday night, July 14, with Marigold Sound, a goddess trio featuring Haley Ackerman on electric harp, Lisa Stuart on cello, and Lyra Barron on piano, with Jaum Barron sitting in on percussion and Kate Marks with singing bowls. 

Patina Gallery in August

Next month, Patina will present  two exciting exhibits of contemporary designer jewelry. Form 2 Function, opening August 3, and Pattern + Flow, opening August 10. Form 2 Function brings together works from two European artists whose highly acclaimed contemporary works epitomize refined simplicity – Claude Chavent and Erich Zimmermann.

French artist Chavent is a master illusionist, createing trompe l'oeil masterworks in silver, gold, platinum and iron. He imbues his jewelry with an appearance of dimension by juxtaposing the natural tones of combined metals and their textured surfaces, creating an Escher-like effect. A flat square appears to be a cube and a circle seems voluminous as a sphere. Chavent's works reside in the collection of New York's Museum of Art and Design.

Erich Zimmermann’ voluminous "cocoons" provide a wonderful counterpoint to the trompe l'oeil dimensionality of Chavent's work. Where Chavent creates the illusion of volume, German artist Zimmermann celebrates it. Each voluptuous "cocoon" is a hand-forged sculpture, textured to enhance this quality. Though each is a masterpiece of precision, there is a soft ,organic character to the works, too. In part, it is this juxtaposition that makes his work so appealing. Zimmermann has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the U.S.   

Pattern + Flow

American designer Claire Kahn presents crochet bead and faceted gem necklaces and bracelets during Pattern + Flow, opening August 10. Kahn, whose intricately patterned and subtley colored crochet beaded necklaces drape sensuously and conform to the body, is a favorite of collectors, who love the fluid quality of these works, their ease of wear and versatility. By knotting and wrapping, the same necklace permits infinite variation. Kahn's background in design is evident in her jewelry. During the course of her career, Kahn has designed everything from graphics and textiles to vast public space interiors, including Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco.