Cultural Bytes for 19 July, 2012

- July 20, 2012

Singer Madi Sato and Poet Tim McLaughlin on Saturday

Singer Madi Sato and Poet Tim McLaughlin

This Saturday, July  21, these beautiful artists will weave together original and sacred songs and poetry, with soundscapes by David Craigin and percussion by Nolan Eskeets. This husban- and-wife team beautifully weave together original and traditional songs and poems, inviting listeners to travel deeply into the realms of soul and spirit.

The performance is at 8 p.m. at Paradiso, Café Des Artistes on Paseo between Cerrillos and Don Gaspar. As always, there will be an open stage for creative collaboration after the featured performance.

“A Place to Dwell” at Mark White Fine Art

Charles Veilleux’s One Man Show, “A Place to Dwel,” opens with an artist’s reception at Mark White Fine Art on Friday, August 10 from 5 to 8 p.m. and runs through August 26. Veilleux’s works are often referred to by writers as “sculptural paintings.” Composed of a minimum of 30 layers of paint, organic materials such as flowers, grass, seed pods and birds’ nest and manmade objects, his paintings burst with texture and color. Veilleux has a talent for taking ordinary materials – from Fresca tabs to magnolia pods – and making them into something new and extraordinary. He has a talent for creating, through his art, a place for different materials and ideas to dwell.

The places where we dwell, Veilleux understands, are not just physical places–our homes, our studios, our offices. They are also safe places that we create inside of ourselves, moments of realizing what is important and times of giving thanks for all that we have. Veilleux meditates every day before painting, and this aspect of contemplation seeps into his work.

Guitar Workshops at GIG

Jazz guitar master, Bruce Dunlap offers two different Guitar Games Workshops at GiG on July 28-29 and August 4-5. All proceeds go to support his non-profit GiG Performance Space. Bruce has also set up a unique way to support GIG and these budding guitarists. If you don't play guitar but would like to gift a workshop, you can support an aspiring student and support GiG at the same time. And, if you would like to send a student but don't have one in mind Bruce will happily find one for you.

They have room for 30 students at each two-day workshop and the cost is $100 for each weekend. For more information, contact Bruce Dunlap at These events are generally pretty popular so if you are interested you might want to sign up fairly soon.

John Chervinsky at Photo-Eye Gallery

A selection of new color works by Chervinsky from his series "Studio Physics" is currently on view at Photo-Eye. An engineer working in applied physics, Chervinsky's photographic work is an investigation into the nature of time, light, space and gravity.