Cultural Bytes for Oct. 27, 2011

- October 27, 2011

“Art: Here, there and everywhere…”

Supporting Local Artists

Local artist Lori Romero is a finalist in the WILDsound One Page screenwriting contest (yes, one page...harder than it sounds!). The script that gets the most votes will be made into a movie. Her script is THE GAFFLE. Check it out and, if so moved, vote via this link: If you are so inclined, please pass this on to your friends as well.

Supporting local artists through websites and social media is another way to help those involved in the creative industries here in Santa Fe. Yet another way is Spread, a unique way of funding art projects, which is in its second year. Spearheaded by SITE Santa Fe, Spread asks that we all gather for a party at the Farmers Market building this Friday night for presentations by individual artists or organizations hoping to receive the proceeds from the evening’s event. At the end of the evening, we all vote and someone goes home with all the loot – kind of like an old-fashioned “Calcutta,” only for art and legal. You have to get in line for tickets tonight and can only buy two, so that a single artist or group cannot flood the place with supporters, a kind of controlled Democracy.  

Art in Eldorado and on the road
Transitional Space in the Creative Process
Nancy Reyner, an abstract painter, art educator, and author, will be speaking at Destiny Allison Fine Art on Thursday, November 3 at 6 p.m. as part of the gallery’s Art in the 21st Century series of talks. Beyond her love of painting, Nancy’s passion is to inspire other artists, and to “raise the bar” of art world aesthetics. She has authored two painting technique books (Acrylic Revolution and Acrylic Innovation) and has painted for more than 30 years. An experienced speaker and writer, she spends time teaching and mentoring, encouraging the courageous use of materials and artistic expression, and freely sharing her artistic strategies.

As Reyner explains, “Space as it relates to art, can be seen metaphorically and literally, and plays an important role in art-making.  From the architecture of my studio space to the objects and images positioned in my periphery, these all affect the work itself, often merging into the painting like shadows.” She further explains how a certain mental space is required too, as she paints from both left- and right-brain modes with a constant flow. “Space is needed to transition from everyday thinking to the inner psychological space necessary for me to do my work.”

The Art in the 21st Century series is free and open to the public. Talks have been drawing large audiences, space is limited, and seat reservations are recommended. Please call the gallery to reserve space at 428-0024.

The Eldorado Arts and Crafts Association has taken its fall show on the road, while its usual venue (the Eldorado Grade School) is under major renovation. This year’s show is at St. John’s Methodist Church at Cordova and Old Pecos Trail. The show is Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with no show on Sunday, for obvious reasons. Most of your favorite artists from previous fall shows and spring studio tours in Eldorado will be in town for at this new venue.

I read this in an online article about art and Occupy Wall Street:

“At Occupy Wall Street’s  Arts and Culture working group meeting, many artistic voices were present – filmmaker, sculptor, art teacher and dancer were just a few of the ways members identified themselves.” Interesting “artistic” take on Occupy Wall Street – Read more…

I also found an interesting article about art handlers from Sotheby’s Auction House out on the picket line and moving labor dispute placards instead of Picassos at:

And, this one in the Times about artists, arts enthusiasts and arts professionals hooking up for dinner and arts events using social media – maybe a great idea for Santa Fe:

Arts Fans + Social Media = Instant, And Valuable, Networking Hey, want to meet up for art and dinner? Please Tweet yes. The New York Times 10/21/11