Cultural Bytes for October 31, 2012

- October 31, 2012

“Centennial events, art and more…”

"47 Stars"

The Flag Act of 1818 set forth a rule that no new stars could be added to the flag until the Fourth of July immediately following a state’s admission to the union. Thanks to that mandate, New Mexicans hoping to share their pride at becoming the 47th state were essentially forced into committing their first illegal acts as U.S. citizens by designing and flying a U.S. flag with 47 stars for the six months between statehood on January 6 and July 4 of 1912. Through November 25, the New Mexico History Museum commemorates that half-year dip into the dark side with “47 Stars,” an exhibit of the officially unofficial 47-star flag. “47 Stars” joins a collection of long-term exhibits commemorating statehood.

In addition, the museum’s front window is festooned with bunting and the archival image of a statehood parade car will be turned into a cutout that visitors can pose behind for Centennial souvenir photos. For more information on Centennial celebrations, visit

Poetry in Eldorado

On Saturday, November 10, at 1 p.m., the La Tienda Exhibit Space in Eldorado will host a poetry reading by Barbara Rockman and Lauren Camp. Rockman is the author of “Sting and Nest,” winner of the 2012 National Federation of Press Women Poetry Book Prize. Recipient of two Pushcart Prize nominations, Rockman has been recognized with the New Mexico Discovery Award, Southwest Writers Prize, The MacGuffin Poets Hunt Award and the Baskerville Publisher’s Prize. Rockman’s poems explore the domestic themes of motherhood, marriage and family.

Camp is the host of KSFR 101.1 FM’s “Audio Saucepan” show on Sunday evenings and an acclaimed fiber artist. The author of the poetry collection “This Business of Wisdom”, she has also guest edited special sections for World Literature Today on jazz poetry and for Malpais Review on the poetry of Iraq. She will be part of the upcoming “Earth Chronicles” documentary and exhibit, spotlighting creative thinkers in New Mexico. Camp writes frequently for “Which Silk Shirt,” a blog about poetry and other fine writing. I don’t see any indication that she will do some of her jazz poetry at La Tienda (no musicians listed for the event) and, that is a shame. My first encounter with Camp was when she and pianist John Rangel presented a jazz and poetry performance as part of a Santa Fe Poet Laureate event and she was exquisite. That said, I would attend any event where she reads, even if all she did was read the phone book—she is that good. I don’t know Rockman’s work, but can’t help remembering the phrase “ you are known by the company you keep.” I am looking forward to it.

SStump  – A Call for Entries

Axle Contemporary, my favorite gallery on the go (literally) has announce a call for entries for “SStump” (Site-Specific Temporary Urban Modalities of Presentation), a revolving exhibition of outdoor sculpture on an existing stump/pedestal on Washington Avenue in the heart of Santa Fe. I always wondered why this stump of some enormous, forgotten tree across from the library was not dug out. Know I know why and I love the idea that Jerry Wellman and the folks from Axle Contemporary and their art-bearing panel truck will park in front of it and exhibit works of sculpture on this impromptu sculpture pedestal.

This Call for Entries is for New Mexico-based sculptors.  This will be a rotating series of sculpture installations, changing every six months.  The first installation will begin in March 2013. Entries can be existing work or prospective proposals.

In their prospective, the folks at Axle Contemporary state, “We seek sculptures that relate to the stump, the line of trees (of which it was once a part), the streetscape, the surrounding buildings and other visible elements in the vicinity. This series presents an opportunity for emerging and established sculptors to exhibit work in a prominent and high-traffic downtown location.”

Details, photos and specs are all available at

Enric Majoral at Patina

The miraculous designer jewelry of Spanish studio jewelry artist, Enric Majoral in 18k gold and silver will be on display at Patina Gallery from December 7 through January 6, 2013, with the artist in the gallery on Friday December 7.

To understand the artist, Enric Majoral, it is important to know a little about where he lives – the tiny island of Formenterra, just off the coast of Spain, and he has lived there since the early 1970's. He works closely with his son, Roc and artist, Abril Rivera, and with nature as his muse to create his many collections. It is reflected in nearly every work he creates. His forms, extracted from nature, are strongly design-driven. Stylized floral, leaf and other plant motifs are evident throughout his collections. Pluja, for example, is a collection based upon a stylized droplet of water. He uses the abstracted shapes, large and small, in combinations, or repeated in multiples, to create necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

The gallery will have more than 100 of these spectacular new works and, while in the gallery, Majoral will also share his extraordinary, one-of a-kind works.