Cultural Bytes for 9 November, 2011

- November 10, 2011

"Over The River given a green light..."

Paper | Stone | Wood – Sculpture by Jacqueline Mallegni

Destiny Allison Fine Art Gallery in Eldorado welcomes guest artist Jacqueline Mallegni, an award-winning sculptor, whose work embodies balance and simplicity, minimalism and beauty.

Some of the sculptures are reminiscent of boat forms and suspended cocoons and are constructed from Japanese-style handmade paper, along with natural materials such as tamarisk, rattan, olive woods and alabaster – often evoking calm and introspection.

Mallegni’s decades-long immersion into the philosophies of simplicity, humility and the appreciation of non-permanence found in nature, have guided her toward a deeper relationship with the materials used in her art work. In the words of the artist, “Working with natural materials opens my eyes to a way of seeing the world around me, affirms my intuition and belief that it is possible to integrate art as a way of being and encourages my development of focus and intent, infusing it with subtlety and fluidity.”

The exhibition, entitled: Paper | Stone | Wood, will be exhibited through December 3. The gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday at 7 Caliente Road, Suite A-1, in Eldorado.

Over The River given a green light.

In its headline: “BLM clears Christo's Over The River installation”, the Denver Post has delivered great news for those of us who are looking forward to this last environmental art installation by the artist, Christo. 

The "Over The River" installation is planned to be on display for two weeks in August of 2014. Like other works designed by Christo and his late wife Jeanne-Claude, the cost of the estimated $50 million project will be covered by fundraising and the sale of art related to the installation. Read more…

Spain’s Aid in the Independence of the United States
Honoring the Spanish soldiers of the Santa Fe Presidio

While the 13 rebellious colonies continue to claim historical headlines for their uprising against Great Britain, they couldn’t have done it alone.

The Santa Fe Chapter of the New Mexico Society of the Sons of the American Revolution will unveil a new plaque for the Palace of the Governors commemorating those soldiers’ contributions on Sunday, Nov. 13, at 2 pm at the History Museum honoring the Spanish soldiers of the Santa Fe Presidio who helped the American colonies win their independence. At the event, former Palace of the Governors Director Tom Chavez will speak on “Spain’s Aid in the Independence of the United States.”

Hidden Treasures unveiled

On Nov. 22, the Holocaust and Intolerance Museum of New Mexico will unveil "Hidden Treasures" – an incredible exhibit showcasing a 158-year-old dollhouse hidden away during World War II, while its German-Jewish family owners fled to New Mexico for safety from Hitler's regime.

For more information, contact: Ann Powers at (505) 315-9966.