Culture Vulture, July 10

- July 12, 2011

"At the Artist's Table..."

Three special events have been cooked up (please excuse the cutesy reference) by the Santa Fe School of Cooking, the Santa Fe Arts Commissionand Partners in Educationto support the educational programs of the latter two organizations. The three events are also meant to highlight our three summer markets: the International Folk Art Market, Spanish Market, and Indian Market. Here’s the drill – Susan and Nicole of the School of Cooking have paired a world-class chef with one of our great artists for each of these evening events. Participants explore the art and cuisine of one of Santa Fe's diverse cultures, working together to create a unique menu. Each event is limited to 30 people; creating an intimate atmosphere where the participants can enjoy delicious food, wine and conversation with the other guests, the artist and the chef AND, participants each receive an original work by the guest artist.

The first Artist's Table event, featuring artist Geoffrey Gormanand owner-chef Ahmed Obo of Jambo Cafe, sold out and the others are likely to do so, also. The two events remaining are:

Spanish Art & Cuisine- July 26, 2011, with santera Arlene Cisneros Sena and La Boca’s James Campbell Caruso, and Native American Art & Cuisine- August 16, 2011, with renowned artist  Ramona Saskiestewaand chef Michelle Roetzer, who has prepared food for multiple US presidents and other dignitaries.

I can’t even begin to tell you of the gastronomical delights these visual artists and artists of the kitchen have dreamed up. If you can make one of these evenings your eyes and your tummy will thank you for doing so – and so will Partners in Education and the Arts Commission.