Culture Vulture, July 15

- July 15, 2011


Kindle...Shmindle! Now we have the Book Barge – or, at least Britain does.

“First we had slow food, then slow writing and now, quite naturally it seems, we have slow bookselling. Slow bookselling”?...The Guardian

Since we don’t have canals, much less a functioning river most of the year and not even enough water to keep our xeriscape plants alive; I guess we will have to go to England to experience the Book Barge. Yet, here in Santa Fe, we are blessed with very successful independent bookstores. I have had many memorable evenings at Collected Works and Nick Potter’s place, among others. To hear the resonant voice of Pulitzer Prize-winner N. Scott Momaday reading from his work or the fresh new literary voice of Heidi Durrow, reading from her first novel, The Girl Who Fell From The Sky, at Dorothy Massey’s Collected Works Bookstore is a great Santa Fe treat. Readings at Collected Works are more regular than the use of turn signals here in the City Different . For those interested in “previously-loved” books – I can’t bear calling them “used books” – we have Nicholas Potter Bookseller and others. An afternoon spent in this one-time house on Palace Avenue, turned antiquarian bookstore, is always an adventure.

Borders may have closed but the great lovers of real books still have many options here in Santa Fe and you don’t have to take an overnight flight to England and a ride on a canal to put a real book in your hand.