Culture Vulture, July 3, 2011

- July 5, 2011

"This reminds me of how lucky we are to have the high level arts and cultural coverage we enjoy in Santa Fe."

Yesterday, I said that I would leave a description of the Santa Fe Opera’s performance of Faust
on opening night “to someone with a clearer head on this morning after”. Well that “someone”
is James Keller reviewing in the Santa Fe New Mexican. What a delight it is to read James’
reviews – always insightful, never about him, always a clear understanding of the work and
presented in a way that gives one a sense of what the experience of seeing the concert,
listening to the music or watching the spectacle of the opera is like.

This reminds me of how lucky we are to have the high level arts and cultural coverage we enjoy
in Santa Fe. Whether it is the seasonal editions of Trend Magazine, the monthly coverage in
THE Magazine and The Santafean or our beloved weekly Pasatiempo, we are graced with a
level of arts reporting that should be the envy of any city in the country. It has been exciting to
watch the growth of these publications.

I remember meeting Guy Cross (THE Magazine) in my first days or weeks at the Desert
when he showed me galleys of his soon-to-be-published, newsprint arts magazine.
We are both much older and grayer by decades; but I appreciated his vision then and I continue
to be amazed at the growth and quality of this wonderful community arts vehicle. The Pasa
has also been a wonderful unfolding miracle; though it has had many guiding spirits over the
years. I would not do it and those extraordinary editors justice if I were to single out but one
or two. Suffice it to say that the talented people who continually put their energies into this
lifeblood of our cultural community each deserve a special place in our hearts. I am sure that
my approach to Pasa is shared by many others. As with the Sunday New York Times, I feel
compelled to engage it from start to finish – even if it takes me all week. Last Friday’s edition of
the Pasa was a stunner! And, then there is Trend. I have watched this child grow from the early
days when Cynthia Canyon and I worked on programs for Maria Benitez and Performance de
Santa Fe. What a vibrant vehicle she has created for art, design and architecture – three of my
great loves. When Bruce Adams first got involved with The Santafean, it seemed as though the
magazine was headed into that kind of limbo suffered by many publications just before their
demise in this digital age – not because of lack of skill on the part of those owning/running/
editing it in the past; but just because the print industry had changed so much. But when Bruce
came on board, his vision seemed to match those of Guy, Cynthia and the folks at Pasa and
things have looked up ever since – including the Santa Fe Arts festival – more on this later.

So, here at the start of “The Season”, I say: BRAVO to you all.