Culture Vulture, July 8

- July 9, 2011

"...I was crawling my way to Museum Hill in a line of cars with five ladies from Krygzstan."

8 July,  2011 Culture Vulture

Art Santa Fe began last evening with its Opening Night Vernissage and runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center. Celebrated author and cultural observer Lawrence Weschler spoke at the NM History Museum last evening on the subject “Towards a Unified Field Theory of Cultural Transmission (Seriously!) by way of a Typology of Convergences".

Whew!!! I wanted to be there just to find out what all of this means. But, in the early evening yesterday, I was crawling my way to Museum Hill in a line of cars with my five ladies from Krygzstan (yes all five finally made it through their harrowing travel experiences in Dallas) to attend the opening party at Folk Art.

Although I have not visited every booth at Art Santa Fe yet, I wonder aloud whether any work by Cy Twombly is represented in this year's show – he passed away Tuesday in Rome at age 83. Twombly, whose work blurred the boundaries of painting, drawing and handwritten poetry, was recognized with Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg as one of the three most important American artists to emerge in the 1950s.