Debauchery, Relaxation and Sentiment - October 12, 2011

"...brilliant ideas for hosting a thoughtful and oh, so special bachelorette gathering"

Dear lucky readers, you are in for a treat! Today, we have a lovely guest post from a fantastic woman, Katixa Mercier. She is a foodie and fellow wheat-tard, can whip up a mean cocktail and is an amazing (not to mention, hilarious) writer. I am lucky enough to hang out with her and you are lucky enough to read about her brilliant ideas for hosting a thoughtful and oh, so special bachelorette gathering. I know many of you have either been to one of these soirees or even hosted one and you'll know they take a little more thought to make a memorable and incredible experience for all of your besties. Read on
to see how...


Growing up, some make friends while others are lucky enough to meet soul mates. My luck came in a group for four girls. So, when one of them announced she was getting married, it was a big deal. What would we do? Where would we go? This isn’t just some friend having a bachelorette party. This is a kindred spirit of ours that we now had to share with someone else. What could we do to make her last days as a single lady unique and memorable? It started with a destination.

After an eternal e-mail thread debating on where we would go, we decided that since none of them had come to visit me yet, New Mexico was the locale of choice. This now meant that I was in charge of hosting this landmark event. I narrowed the elements of the weekend that needed to exist to three components: debauchery, relaxation and sentiment.

Being Olympians at the sport of debauchery, I wasn’t worried about it. Relaxation was an easy one, too. It was the “something sentimental” that I really had to think about. Then, a moment of brilliance. I asked them to think of an item that they love and to purchase four of them; one for each person attending. It could be anything, so long as it was a favorite of theirs. This would cover the sentimental element of the weekend.

The girls flew in across the country and landed in Santa Fe, New Mexico for our bridesmaid exclusive weekend. We got straight to business: debauchery was effortlessly achieved at the Coyote Cantina, and seemed to follow us to the Jemez Hot Springs (a trademark tendency of this group).

Before we cared to admit it, the last night was upon us. As we all got ready for the evening, I told the girls to collect the items they brought and bring them with us to the restaurant. We piled into the car and walked into the Artichoke Café in Albuquerque for our dinner reservations. Wined and dined and laughing about memories past, there was no better moment than to exchange our treasures.

We pulled out our favorite items and set them on the table. Then we distributed each item so every one of us had a favorite item of the other. This meant that we each ended up with a miniature of Macallan scotch, bathtub confetti, Himalayan pink salt, Burt’s Bees chapstick and a Frisbee. Each of us now had a beloved item of the other that would remind us all of this pre-wedding weekend.

This year, another one in this same group is getting married. She’s requested that we repeat the same exchange of “something sentimental” for her pre-wedding weekend.