Dixon Studio Tour

- October 29, 2012

“The Granddaddy of them all…”

It looks like we will be blessed this weekend with good weather for the Dixon Studio Tour. No matter what else we are doing at this time of year, Miss Thea and I try to make our annual trek to this very walkable tour. There has always been a consistent level of the work shown by the area’s artists and craftspeople and a quick search of the tour’s website shows that the tradition continues.

With 35 private studios or art businesses open for visitors, there are lots to choose from. Also, many artists share a display place, so the number of artists you can visit is higher yet. There is much more to see and experience at the Dixon Elementary School Mercado and the Mission Café and Mercadito and, of course, a wonderful book sale at the Embudo Valley Library and Community Center .

And then, there are the other wonderful reasons to go—the edible goodies. The apples at Fred and Ruby Martinez’ place can be found at their location—marked “L” on the tour map. I also use the studio tour as a great time to visit Crawfords El Bosque Garlic Farm for fresh garlic and shallots. Get there early, as they sometimes sell out on this weekend. Al Tyrell pottery studio (#25 on the map) has the best chocolate chip cookies imaginable, also the most costly. The cookies are free but I always find myself buying pottery, hence my comment about the costly cookies.  I just can’t help myself. The pottery is actually quite reasonable, but there are so many beautifully designed and executed pieces, I have to have something. Mostly I imagine sitting at home with a cup of coffee in a Tyrell mug and remembering how one of his cookies would taste with it.

You can pick up some snacks at the Dixon Cooperative market or sit down for a lunch at  Zuly’s Café and, both the Vivac Winery as you turn off Highway 68 to enter Dixon and La Chiripada Winery in the heart of the town of Dixon have their 2012 vintages available in abundance.

I’ll see you there. Enjoy!