Do you Know Your Primary and Secondary Food Needs? - January 24, 2014

Photo: lyn tally

The last few weeks we’ve been discussing the importance of primary foods; these are the ways in which we feel manifested, happy, and fulfilled in our lives. Your sense of wellness, health, happiness, vitality and zest for life are determined by your primary foods. Your primary foods can be depicted by the quality of relationships you are enjoying, the career path that perhaps is in alignment with your life’s mission or purpose, your creative outlets, fun and play, physical activity etc. So take a moment and think about your primary foods, and what type of primary foods are needed in order to ignite your vitality. You can use the Circle of Life tool, see previous post, to give you a visual of the areas in your life that need attention, self-care, healing, nurturance or balance. When we are living in balance and thriving we tend to make healthy food and lifestyle choices, thus your primary foods are just as essential as your secondary foods. As I often say, we are what we eat, how we feel, what we think and what we do.

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