Double Feature: Two Film Festivals at a Theater Near You, Oct. 19-23

- October 14, 2011

"October is shaping into a dream come true for cinephiles, both local and from beyond..."

October is shaping into a veritable dream come true for cinephiles from both far and wide, with the opening of two major film festivals, the Santa Fe Film Festival and the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival. Combined, the events offer more than 140 films and feature a passel of workshops, lectures, special events and after-parties. The festivals will bring together hundreds of film buffs, leading and emerging filmmakers, industry experts and actors in a jam-packed week of cinematic revelry and industry networking.

On Wednesday, Oct 19, the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival (Oct. 19-23), open with a night of New Mexico-made short films and a free community screening of Billy Wilder's 1953 classic film "Ace in the Hole." On Thursday, Oct. 20, the Santa Fe Film Festival (Oct. 20-23) kicks-off its twelfth season with a screening of the highly acclaimed neo-silent French film "The Artist." offers a range of resources on the festivals, including calendar overviews and daily event listing for each event.

And if all this isn't enough, stay tuned for more information about the forthcoming Chronos Film Festival (Nov. 3-5), which focuses on "time focused" film making and will feature a screening of Godfrey Reggio’s visual and audible feast “Koyaanisqatsi.”

With the future of New Mexico film incentives uncertain, the tandem festivals serve as a reminder that film culture is ripe to thrive in New Mexico, whether it be as a backdrop to some of TV's best shows ("Breaking Bad"), a destination for blockbuster filmmakers or a venue setting for two wonderful and dynamic film festivals.

Ticket information can be found on the festivals' official websites: Santa Fe Film Festival, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival.