Drama Heats Up for Hometown Hero on ‘Project Runway’

Greta Chapin McGill - February 26, 2013

"...I am rooting for the ever surprising, never boring and always unique Patricia Michaels"

Fashionistas of Santa Fe unite! If it’s Thursday night, have your favorite snacks at hand and Lifetime TV on your flat screen. The drama is heating up. My scorecard stands at the ready. My judging skills are on high alert after 10 seasons of faithful "Project Runway" watching and a chance encounter with the high priestess of fashion herself, Heidi Klum.

My team favorite is of course Patricia Michaels. The Taos Pueblo native is still in the running for a coveted spot at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. In case you have never been to Fashion Week in New York, let me tell you it is eye candy for anyone who loves clothes, accessories, shoes and people watching.

Fashion Week runway shows are held in a variety of different venues around New York. Downtown, it’s the Lexington Ave Armory, funky, and crowded with trendy Hollywood, models and fashion nouveau. Uptown, it’s The Stage at Lincoln Center with world class celebs of every genre. The long runway with models doing “the walk” has a bank of paparazzi at the end just as the models turn. The flashing long lens cameras take enough photos to fill fashion magazines and newspapers worldwide with all the trends. Backstage is ordered chaos. Models are cabbing it all over town with minutes between shows. Designers attend to every detail, ...manis and pedis, makeup, hair, shoes, bags and accessories for male and female models. The "Project Runway" show is held at Lincoln Center. I am rooting for Patricia Michaels to show her unique fashion point of view for all the world to see.

Week Four found our Ms. Michaels doing her thing as some of her teammates again expressed their skepticism about her skill and her unique artistic approach to everything she produces. In the infamous unconventional challenge, the designers were to create something hard and soft from materials gathered from the hardware store and the flower shop. The teams were shuffled and evened out after Dream Teams losses. Michelle Lesniak Franklin moved to Team Keeping it Real. She bashed Michaels right away saying she “... had hoped she never would have to work with her...” while Michaels said how happy she was to have Franklin on her team.  Michaels showed a tribal creation with an attention to detail from head to toe. An artistic explosion of color inspired by Frida Kahlo. As a true “color addict,” I loved it.

Week Five began with Klum's appearance on the runway with Tim Gunn. She carried the dreaded “button bag” and the designers were cut to teams of two. Michaels was paired with Brazilian designer Layana Agulilar. As her teammate expresses her fear the pairing “...Could be a disaster..”, Michaels is positive about her pick. The challenge was to design a performance look and a red carpet look for Country singer Miranda Lambert. I have one request.  "Project Runway" designers...stop the bashing and the lack of faith in Patricia Michaels. She turns out stunning designs the judges appreciate. Just as in past weeks she makes another piece of wearable art. Can you tell I am a fan of Michaels? My crystals are blessed, my new TV has been smoked with healing sage, I am rooting for the ever surprising, never boring and always unique Patricia Michaels.