DurangoSpace: A Winning Idea

- May 1, 2012

Strategic Tuesday/Product

Jim Glover visited with Jasper Welch, owner of DurangoSpace, a unique coworking facility located in Durango, CO. This is their interview.

Jim: Hello there, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, with Once a Day Marketing. And today we are in Durango, CO at DurangoSpace which is an exciting coworking facility. I’m here with Jasper Welch. And Jasper, welcome.

Jasper: Welcome. And welcome to you too.

Jim: And the first question I have for you is what is the DurangoSpace.

Jasper: DurangoSpace is coworking and we have individuals, professionals, artists and all different kinds of people who come to work by the day or by the month.

Jim: Like an executive suite?

Jasper: A little bit different. We have a community of coworkers, you’ve seen a lot of them today, and they have different lines of work and rather than staying at home, being alone, or being on the road
without any community, they have a community here.

Ben Hancock (testimonial insert): What I love about DurangoSpace, every time I come in here it’s a welcoming environment. People are here to socialize, be cooperative, and help each other be more

Jim: So is that the unique differentiator for the DurangoSpace that somebody working out of their home or perhaps used to be in an office environment can come in and get more camaraderie.

Jasper: Right. And also we have all the support that they might need to do their work like high-speed internet, coffee. All the things you’d expect at an office but maybe you don’t work in a corporation or
you work by yourself or you work as a telecommuter.

Jim: What is the most unique thing about your facility would you say?

Jasper: Probably the flexibility. All the tables and chairs are on wheels. We can flex the space anyway our members need.

Jim: And then as a benefit, what is the top benefit a customer might gain by being here at DurangoSpace?

Jasper: I think productivity because they can get so much done. Sometimes they get more done than

maybe they would on the road or at home. It’s just a great productive work environment.

Jim: Thanks for being on Once A Day Marketing. I am Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, and we’ll see you next time.