Eldorado Fire and Rescue Benefit BBQ

- September 20, 2011

"These people really are heros and I said 'Thank you' to each one that I met..."

Every year the good people at The Eldorado Fire and Rescue put on a BBQ. Last year it featured Josh’s BBQ, a local restaurant that I have written about in an earlier blog.

In order to assuage our guilt, Devon and I did a brisk 20-mile bike ride before the feast, I mean, barbecue. We knew that this would be soul-satisfying and, therefore, high-calorie fare. And we could hardly wait. You could smell all that smokey goodness two blocks away, and by noon the chow line was already forming with us at the head of it!

All of the Eldorado fire equipment was on display, and it was difficult not to be impressed both by the gloss on the outside and the hi-tech equipment on the inside. Fireman Glen let me climb into the big hook and ladder and I got to feel like a kid again on a field trip. That was, until I saw the breathing apparatus built into the seats, the resuscitation tools and the “extraction” tools. That’s right, “extraction,” as in extracting someone from a crushed automobile. These people really are heros and I said “Thank you” to each one that I met.

The food was great, the music by The Lisa Carman Band was outstanding, and the day was glorious and clear. Here are some photos and video. Enjoy and...

...Happy Trails to you
From Santa Fe, NM
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