Etta James Passes 2012

- January 20, 2012

"Your courage and gifts have helped teach the world."

Just last year while experiencing imperfect health

she recorded her last album

73 and still singing

last word to the world

"when my whole world turns misty blue"

her story will go on forever

even if in dusty archives

listen to her now (youtube)

life can get really rough

some find their own way to be

the women that they choose to be

Etta created her own way

singing hard and living wild if she needed

no fairy tales here

vibrant powerful singing

freedom bursting from her soul

now she sails away

take up the memories

take up the power

stand up and be strong

weave your story

be as free and powerful

as is meaningful for your true self

and dance, dance and sing,

love and laugh. life is so very short.

Thank you Etta, for all your joy and sorrow. Your courage and gifts have helped teach the world.  Blessings.