Exploring Social Media Marketing - Snapchat

James Glover - August 23, 2013

Digital Friday/Promotion

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing. Today is Digital Friday and we continuing our series Exploring Social Media Marketing with a discussion of Snapchat and whether or not it is a good fit for your marketing campaigns.

Snapchat is a mobile application for photo sharing. The app allows users to take photos and short 10 second videos (Snaps) and add text/enhance the image with tools provided. Images are then sent to specified recipients. Users are able to determine the length of time a snap can be viewed, 1-10 seconds, before it is no longer available.

There are approximately 8 million Snapchat users across the US; many in their teens to early twenties with a growing 40+ audience. The key difference between the Snapchat app and other video sharing apps is that the snaps disappear.

A business that chooses to use Snapchat might create photos and videos with short captions about their products. A brand may also use it to send a message to their audience about sales or specials at their store or restaurant, etc. As with many social media applications, creativity is the critical element in developing and sharing compelling messages that will resonate with your audience.

Consider adding Snapchat to your marketing toolkit when you would like to create a temporary message that will benefit your brand, especially if you are targeting a younger audience.

Snapchat is another social media tool you can leverage to get your marketing message out. When determining whether or not to add it to your marketing campaigns, consider your social media marketing holistically.

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