Exploring Social Media - YouTube

James Glover - March 8, 2013

Digital Friday/Physical Evidence

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today is Digital Friday and I am continuing my series on social meeting. I've already highlighted Facebook and Twitter; today we’ll look at YouTube.

Video is definitely a powerful way for you to share stories about your brand. The cost to produce video has dropped dramatically and the opportunities for you to share your content have never been easier, especially with the availability of YouTube. If you want to enhance the strength and stature of your brand, video is one way to accomplish this.

Sharing videos on YouTube works to gain recognition. Once a Day Marketing™ has produced over 250 video blogs and posted on YouYube. This content has generated over 11,600 YouTube views and is followed in more than 130 countries.

Start sharing your brand stories on YouTube today. With a little practice, you'll learn to produce great content that will be enjoyed by new followers and potential customers all over the world.

Watch our Once a Day Marketing™ video to learn more: Exploring Social Media - YouTube

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