Extreme Trail Clinics Come Back to New Mexico with Mark Bolender

Susie Morgan - April 2, 2014

"Mark is a noted author, trainer and breeder of quarter horses."

In May, The Rio Grande Peruvian Horse Club is hosting TWO extreme trail clinics by Mark Bolender.  The location for these clinics will be Barbara Windom’s ranch, La Estancia Alegre in Alcalde,   Alcalde, NM is located just north of Espanola on highway 68.  All breeds are welcome.

La Estancia Alegre is a breeding and training farm for purebred Peruvian Horses in Alcalde with 100 acres of flat irrigated land bordering on the Rio Grande to ride and train horses.  Barbara Windom has been raising and breeding the Peruvian Horse for over 20 years; it is a horse ideally suited for trail as they are extremely surefooted and, due to their four beat lateral gait, they are the smoothest riding horse in the world.  Long trail rides are a joy to them; they are a horse with a lot of brio, great dispositions and they and are always willing to please.  La Estancia Alegre is located across the highway from a huge parcel of BLM land, expanding the riding choices.

Barbara met Mark 3 years ago at the Colorado Equine Affair and was so impressed with his riding and training skills that she asked Mark to build an Extreme Mountain Trail Course at La Estancia Alegre.  There is a Suspension Bridge, a Balance Beam, a small mountain with steep trails and lots of other obstacles, including ponds and streams with various depths of water.   The first clinic was in 2012 to great success and became an annual event.

Mark is a noted author, trainer and breeder of quarter horses.  Prior to becoming involved in Mountain Trail, Mark competed in Open, Quarter Horse and Reining competitions.  In the Trail field, he has three US Grand Championships under his belt.  He operates Horse Country Campground to promote Cowboy-Town tourism, and operates the most complex extreme trail course to be found in Washington State.  Their mission is to value and promote the equine way of life that is woven into the fabric of our history, and to preserve and protect both private and publicly accessible lands for people and their horses to use in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

The participation registration is already closed, but there is still space available to audit both clinics.  The audit fee is $25 per day; the clinic is progressive using the same horses throughout the clinic.  The first day, horses are ground worked, and then riders advance into in the saddle on the last day.  So, it is important to attend all days if you can to get the most from the experience.

The clinic dates are weekdays Tuesday through Thursday, May 12-14 and Friday through Sunday, May 16-18.  For more information or sign up for clinic audit, please use the link for Las Estancia Alegre below.

For more information about the clinics or the Rio Grande Peruvian Horse Club, call Barbara Windom at 505-852-0444 / cell 505-927-0992 or email her at Barbara@LEAperuvianhorses.com