“Find Magic” Ride

The name for this ride...

The name for this ride was discovered written on the wall of the one the lavatories (of all places) at “Downtown Subscription” ---- a wonderful shop on Garcia Street, perfect for discovering unusual and foreign magazines, as well as outstanding coffee and treats. You know you’re in Santa Fe, when there’s a large chalkboard, complete with a nice selection of colored chalk, in the lavatory. That’s just how it is here. I’m sorry that the first photographs of this bathroom graffiti from “Downtown” aren’t very sharp, but it was dark in there and my little point-and-shoot was struggling just to focus. I think these first shots, and their messages, give some insight into this city: ”Find Magic”, “Start Something”, and the much needed sentiment of, “Visualize Rain.” The last time I was in this shop, I bought a cooking magazine from France called “Cuisine et Vins.” It was fun to see if I could still make sense of it. To my surprise, I could, and I’ll be back for future issues.

Today’s ride consisted of only two riders, myself and my friend and neighbor, Devon. If you live within 5 miles of someone out in the rural areas where we live, that person qualifies for the title of “neighbor”. I like to ride with Devon because she’s always in a good mood and she doesn’t mind at all if I want to stop to take photos. I love riding with the men too, but it’s an entirely different dynamic at work. With “the guys”, stopping for photographs is generally considered to be bad form. I wouldn’t even think of asking. So, after the Boardroom-Upper-Level-Management-Ride of Jack’s Creek (see 5/19), this easy saunter over to the Garcia Street shops was a nice change, for body and soul.

This is a charming cluster of shops, gallery and garden up here on Garcia Street. People come here to do one thing----relax. And that usually takes the form of sitting in the lovely garden in back, or the open area in front, with a coffee, pastry, good book or magazine, and just enjoying the day in slow motion. You’ll see groups of people chatting and laughing, relaxing in the sunshine and quiet of one of Santa Fe’s older neighborhoods. I find the whole environment up here to be comforting, and I’d even go so far as to say “nurturing”. Laptops and iPads are also welcome and you’ll see a fair share of those.

Today I bought a small book of proverbs at Garcia Books, beautifully illustrated with great works of art from the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. The last time I also bought a book of sayings, called, “Dance First, Think Later”. The books have to be small because I have zero storage capacity on my bike--it has to be able to fit and go down the back of my jersey for the ride home.

Another “must” is a visit to Photo-Eye which consists of two separate locations in close proximity to each other----- a gallery on one side, and on the other, one of the best bookstores for fine photographic books that I’ve seen anywhere. My most recent and treasured acquisitions are: “Creature” by Andrew Zuckerman ------masterful illustrations of animals, along with an inspired layout. Also: “Megaliths” by David and Lai Ngan Corio, photographs of megaliths in England and Wales. It is stunning to realize that human beings were creating these mega-works 5000 years ago. The photography, black and white, is beautiful. The subject gives me chills.

The Photo-Eye Gallery was featuring photographs of the construction of the new bridge over the Hoover Dam which connects Nevada and Arizona. This show was not to be missed, and the curator generously allowed me to take some shots in there. You’ll see those below.

I should do this ride once a week. See you up there, and do say “hi”.

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