Finding your own personal guidance - July 11, 2011

"I firmly believe that spiritual guidance is the key to accepting life as it is."

How much do you question what you are supposed to be doing in life? Do you seek guidance, or do you just do what you want to do?

These are key questions for all of us. I firmly believe that spiritual guidance is the key to accepting life as it is. Obviously, there’s some balance to be struck here. We all have been given brains to think and bodies to act. However, a person who “fights with God” is apt to have a struggle for happiness and contentment.

Note; I use the word "God" in reference to that power which created all of us. However, I respect all forms of spirituality and each individual's right to choose the path that works for them. 

I believe God communicates with me in many ways. I can get good guidance from the circumstances in my life. Sometimes, they either reinforce or dispute something I feel I am supposed to do. I believe I receive spiritual feedback from the people in my life. The things they say to me or the way they act toward me can be signs of what I’m to do.

The main point here is that I try very hard to know the will of my God for my life, then I try to “do the list”. I have learned (am learning) to not question too much. A little bit can be healthy, but I am happiest when I am a good little trooper and follow the directions I’ve been given.

Being a human being, I can tell you that sometimes I find myself thinking “Man! What am I doing here? What is the value in this? Is there a lesson for me to learn?” This is an important time for me to calm down (if I’m not already), detach from the situation and just forge ahead. This is easier said than done at times. It’s never impossible, though.

Can you think of times when you’ve felt this way or wrestled with this dilemma? How do you handle it? What lessons  do you learn from it?

I am not a mindless drone. Neither am I the alpha and omega. I am somewhere in between. The trick is to figure out just where.

Today I am grateful I can seek and follow spiritual direction in my life.