From a Three-room School (A Poem and Invitation)

- September 26, 2011

"Free theater always is a treat for all Santa Feans"

Long times ago
small school houses
taught children
American History
at an early age.

High Schools taught Civics
and the responsibilities
that good citizens (hopefully everyone)
would honor and share
democracy was alive and well.

Fast forward to this electronic age
where government squabbles
where personal is political
and who remembers the Bill of Rights?
During hard economic times
few talk about a chicken in every pot
rather some care not if the poor
or elderly are fed,
civil or civil rights seems to be fading

Theater, as times of old
portrays news
that often is swept
under crumbling

Hark! The cryer called.
Get yourselves over to this play!
September 27, 6:30 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church (107 West Barcelona Rd.)
It'll top the three-room school house and the students' plays.
Perhaps though, it'll include a large dose of mischief!

We Are People Here ! - We Choose Democracy

Democracy Evolving - Plutocracy Dissolving

Putting the Civil Back in Civilization

September 27 6:30 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church (107 West Barcelona Rd.) We Are People Here ! (formerly Democracy at the Crossroads) opens with Act I of "The People's Trial of Plutocracy," a rousing play by Craig Barnes & performed by Theater Grottesco followed by a comparison of on-key elements that led to success or failure for two important social political movements. (Admission is free--come and bring friends) or 505 660 6523

Long before the present politics. our government founds ways to work together.  Is that a fairy tale? Craig Barnes,, a jack of all trades and an author and playwright, has written several books and plays.  Theatre Grottesco empowers Santa Fe theater with a long success in powerful drama.  Free theater always is a treat for all Santa Feans.  Hope you can come and enjoy!