Fusion Fire Passes the test

- December 8, 2011

"...there is a new restaurant called Fusion Fire, on Cerrillos Road"

Welcome to the holidays! You may know about me by now and all the ways hunger creeps into our lives.  Holidays can leave you frazzled, so here is one more restaurant tip and review.  I confess, I thought I got sick by eating foods I usually avoid.  Hey, I just got run down and had a virus. I was told to eat more, and even eat more starches!  Imagine that.

Well the day got busy. The rest I planned evaporated. On cold winter days, I make sure to drive the car at least once. I had work to do too. Finished work. Picked up a few Christmas presents for friends and me (sound familiar?) at the Hospice Thrift Store. I had hardly eaten again, day two. If you feel pity for me ( no reason to, but a great line) send me scarves.  If more of 10 of you send me a scarf, I'll donate every scarf beyond 10-- okay, maybe five--to someone who needs one, fair? Scarves can be slightly used too. Or simply donate to the Food Depot. Rev up, it's the holidays. Just create lots of reasons to celebrate.

So, there is a new restaurant called Fusion Fire, on Cerrillos Road near Olive Garden. Asian buffet with a twist. I was hungry. I was tired. It was more than I wanted to spend. The employees let me check out the buffet. I decided to give it a try.  Seniors and kids get discounts. Families were trying it out. Staff and service are fantastic!  Christian from Colorado just moved here, and presto he got a job!

This is a good story: young man is welcomed to Santa Fe with a job. He was in charge of at least six tables and booths.  He took very good care of all of us.  When I talked to the woman in charge about his excellent manner, she became very happy because she already knew it. She was very proud of him. Yes, I tipped him and he lit up with gratitude.

The best way to eat here is to get your meat and or veggies grilled up just the way you want. I am a vegetarian and tried a simple combination with noodles.  I did not want any sauces so the chef used water. Bravo! He also cheered my tired soul up. I tried the buffet too. I did not skip the desserts.  Not what the doc had in mind.

Now, I wanted to know what others thought. I interviewed several families and some couples.  Food ratings went from okay to great. Most were good. The children gave 5's to 6's on a scale of 1-10.  The greatest was a gentleman whose meat was fantastic! His female friend rated it as good, and overall everyone was enjoying themselves.  I interviewed 20 to 24 people.

Good news bonus: less oils, less salt, less fat, fresh meat.  The restaurant's goal is to offer healthier foods. I was told to order a vegetarian special next time I come. Good news, just what we need for the holidays. New business, jobs created and healthier food options. Happy holidays.