Georgia the Dog’s Ode to Harry the Cat

- April 16, 2013

"Today he is a huge cat with a raccoon tail who frankly irritates the heck out of me"

Hi Georgia the Dog here. My person says April is National Poetry Month. I decided to write a poem about my brother Harry the Cat. First, a bit of background. About three years ago, my person and I drove to the pet store for the sole purpose of buying dog food for me. As we walked in the door we saw a woman from the Santa Fe Humane Society pulling little kittens out of a crate. I must admit they were cute, just like the stuffed duck I play with only in a different form.

I sniffed them all. At that point the woman reached into the bottom of the crate and pulled out one more kitten. The kitten was 2 1/2 months old and 2 1/2 pounds. She said this kitten was the calmest kitten she had ever seen. Since he barely moved and was most like my stuffed duck and since it seemed inevitable that my person was going to bring one of these things home with us, I made a big deal out of the last kitten.

And so it was that calm Harry the Cat came home with us. And then he woke up the next morning a full on crazed kitten, zooming around the house and up the windows. Seems the day before he was still groggy from the sedative given to him for his operation.

Today he is a huge cat with a raccoon tail who frankly irritates the heck out of me. Harry never leaves the house except for vet appointments, so we are stuck together most of the day. I could go on, but without further ado, my Ode to Harry the Cat.

He is her bundle of joy
He is my kitty cat toy
He lives his life to annoy
He’s Harry

He roams and rambles around
But rarely goes into town
Stays home and acts like a clown
He’s Harry