Getting Personal: Handwritten Notes

- January 4, 2012

"Action Wednesday/Promotion"

Welcome back every one. I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing, where business takes shape. We really appreciate you stopping by our blog because our goal is to work with you every day, so that you can market every day and your business will become a lot more fit. Think of it as toning you up!

Today is Action Wednesday and every Wednesday we work with you on actionable strategy so that you can better reach your market. Today our topic is: “Getting Personal: Handwritten Notes.”

Now I get to be Martha Stewart as we talk about handwritten notes. Sounds like something she’d probably do on her show. But the reason that a handwritten note is so important is that today, everybody’s doing everything digital. They are sending out emails, they are sending out electronic
newsletters. I’m a big fan of all types of digital marketing and we’re going to be talking about those kinds of things on Digital Fridays, but in this modern world how nice is it for a top customer to get a handwritten note from you? So that’s why I’m recommending it. It won’t just be another piece of email that they are getting, another piece of information. It’s something that you’ve taken time to personally fill out. And in this “instantaneous” world I think they’ll appreciate that. So you’re taking your brand identity and moving it into having a personality. They’ll know that you are not just treating them as a customer, but you’re treating them as a person.

You’re probably wondering what you should include in the note. Well, it’s personal. You’re personalizing your brand so it’s up to you. But I do have some suggestions. First, you can thank them for the work they gave you last year. Second, let them know also how much you enjoyed working with
them. And lastly, mention how much you look forward to working with them this coming year. So they’ll get the note, they will remember you, and it just might arrive when they’re thinking: “We’ve got some new work this year, why don’t we give it to them?”

A handwritten note, getting personal, will work wonders for your business and your brand. It’s very simple, but your customer will appreciate it and it really will become a brand builder and a relationship builder between you and your customer.

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