Goat Therapy

Santafe.com - June 13, 2011

Goats consume another tasty yard. ...

Goats consume another tasty yard. 

Here we are in the last hours... The trees were full of mistletoe - still a treat for the goats!

They love to follow their people around at the end of the day in a yard looking along with us for the higher hanging parasites which they cannot reach even on their toes.


This yard had multiple mistletoe pickers.. 

Helmut led the crew with a pole for the highest mistletoe. 

He had a loyal group of the big wethers which kept a good eye on his movements. 

The goaties had sweet dreams after munching this yard. All was peaceful here. 

The owners and a visiting friend took part in the transformation of their land which aided the energy and enjoyment of all.


Goat Therapy.

Works as well on the land as it does on the people!