Guitar Shorty live on KBAC Tuesday 8/9/11

- August 5, 2011

Followed by a free bandstand show on the plaza

Tune in, turn on, and jam out with me, the Mighty D, and none other than Guitar Shorty this Tuesday around 2 p.m. on 98.1 Radio Free Santa Fe.

If you're not yet hip to this guy's thang, hey it won't cost you anything to check him out on the radio (or streaming here at, nor will it cost you a red cent to see him on the plaza for a free Summer Bandstand show.

Shorty (or David, as his momma might call him) throws down some heavy guitar-soaked blues and is known to take off and shred a few solos on occasion.  I missed his last Santa Fe appearance myself, so I'm REALLY looking forward to Tuesday.

(^_^) TOAST