Heart and Hunger

- August 2, 2011

"Have you ever floated around through the day constantly hungry?"

Have you ever floated around through the day constantly hungry? Quick -- make a list of all the reasons why you would feel these hungers. Next make a list of all that you hunger for. Often in a busy life, there is little time to pay attention to what we hunger for. Perhaps you are hungry for love. Maybe you long for time for yourself, or to work on creative projects.  Examine your lists.

Last winter I picked up a poetry book and began reading. Part of my body opened up, other parts remembered how much I love poems.  I began collecting poetry books from local book and thrift stores. One of my favorite New Mexico poets became Leo Romero, http://ahsahtapress.boisestate.edu/books/romero2.htm the now famous bookseller. Reading Leo's poems also opened my heart to wonder of our New Mexico. A desert thirst was quenched and then returned wanting more. FInd your way to feed your heart.

The poetry let me escape my daily thinking. I journeyed into a new old world and conversations.  When I returned I was refreshed and could see this world differently.  Sorry, ice cream just doesn't do it.

Yes hiking, swimming, walking, and gardening can do all those things.  Playing with a kitten, young child, or singing also can open and feed the heart. I invite you to create you own paths or journeys to choose what you might really need to feed. Please share and tell your friends, too.