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Susie Morgan - August 14, 2014

Trail Ride and Camping in Valles Caldera’s Grande

Trail Ride and Camping in Valles Caldera’s Grande

The annual THS Benefit Trail Ride is Saturday, September 27th at The Horse Shelter. But this is the new news: For the first time, The Valles Caldera Preserve has agreed to open Banco Bonito for camping for THS Trail Ride participants only. Camping at Banco Bonito will be available Friday and Saturday nights for $5 per vehicle per night. This will appeal especially to those traveling long distances to reach Valles Caldera Preserve.

Banco Bonito has permanent bathrooms for people and stock water for horses, but no other facilities. There is room to put up portable corrals but there are no corral panels on sight.

THERE IS MORE: The Banco Bonito trails will be open on Sunday for people that wish to ride through the pine mountains. Banco Bonito equestrian trails are typically open only late May through August, so this is a special late season treat. Banco Bonito terrain is different from the Valle Grande even though they are less than 9 miles apart.

The Grande is the huge Caldera below Highway 4 between Jemez Springs and Los Alamos. It’s full of tall grasses, many streams and no trails. By comparison, Banco Bonito trails are the old logging roads up in the mountain pines. So, these two days of riding will provide vastly different experiences.

There is a modest charge for camping, and for riding Banco Bonito on Sunday. The camping fee is $5 per night. Both Friday and Saturday night camping is available. The Sunday Banco Bonito ride fee is $10 per rider. These fees will go directly to the Valles Caldera Preserve.

Banco Bonito Trail

The THS Trail Ride participation donation is $125 which includes food and an after-ride raffle. The rider list has almost reached capacity. Twelve more riders can sign up for the THS ride as the ride is limited to 50 horses. For more information and to sign up, contact . The THS Donation must be paid to The Horse Shelter either through check, credit card or PayPal.

Banco Bonito Trail


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