ArtFeast: How to Choose?

- February 17, 2012

“ARTFeast offers many delicious choices…”

Shall I choose which ARTFeast events to go to on Feb 24 based on the art I will see or the food I will eat? You understand that, like most people in Santa Fe, I have very definitive tastes in both art and cuisine. So, ARTFeast has me perplexed, as usual. 

Alright, so here is a list of some of my favorite chefs/restaurants/food to choose from: The Palace Restaurant & Saloon, Il Piatto Cucina Italiana, Dinner for Two, Chocolatesmith, Las Fuentes Restaurant & Bar at Bishop’s Lodge, Jambo Café, Peas ‘n’ Pod, Whole Foods Market, Rooftop Pizzeria, La Boca, La Plazuela at La Fonda, Blue Corn Cafe & Brewery, Ore House at Milagro, Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi, La Casa Sena, Pizzeria da Lino, Jinja Bar & Bistro, Terra at Encantado Resort, Luminaria at Inn at Loretto, Amaya at Hotel Santa Fe and Osteria d’Assisi.

And here are galleries that feature some of my favorite artists or items on my future collecting list: Blue Rain Gallery, Evoke Contemporary, Heidi Loewen Porcelain Gallery, Windsor Betts, Canyon Road Contemporary, Gaugy Gallery, Giacobbe Fritz Fine Art, InArt Santa , Jane Sauer Gallery, NuArt Gallery, Ventana Fine Art, Waxlander Gallery, William and Joseph Gallery  and Zaplin-Lampert Gallery.

Now, let me see – how to figure this out. In the past, before online event calendars, many of us figured out our summer art-going by spreading out all the brochures, catalogues and a large calendar on the floor. And, like Matisse, in his later arthritis-ridden, non-painting years, we would move the items around using a long stick. Matisse created his great cut out collages this way. All I seemed to be able to do was keep myself from double booking events or showing up for the wrong opening on the right day.

Today, with such great technology, surely, I should be able to figure this out. Let’s see…

I went to Dinner for Two just recently for Miss Thea’s birthday; I prefer La Casa Sena in the summer, outdoors and, I can’t seem to choose between Il Piatto, Osteria or Pizzeria da Lino. So, maybe I should start with the galleries. Heidi Loewen is always a favorite, I saw works by Francisco Benitez at his studio last week, so NuArt is not at the top of my list for this weekend. I can’t afford another Gustave Baumann work from Zaplin-Lampert and, although I want something of John Nieto’s from Ventana, I am not able to acquire it yet. This is harder than I thought.

Hell, I suggest you go to the ARTFeast website and make your own choices.

Now, where is that long stick?