Hungry New Mexicans: A poem

- August 31, 2011

"Hey gov, can you spare me some breakfast for all my New Mexican friends?"

Well Fed Govenor vs. Hungry New Mexicans

Sorta puzzles me,

she just don't seem to like po people

she keeps thinkin' like she

can't afford to feed New Mexicans

just gotta cut mo' spendin'.

now take a moment to read on and tell the govenor

what y'all think about dis.

better yet, come join the folks and bring your family and friends

to the rally mentioned.

Those who live too far away, or have no extra money for gas, or can't get out because you are old or disabled,

jam the phones

to the govenor. and all

the state represenataives.


Just who are the folks getting foodstamps?

the poor

the unemployed

disabled people who cannot work

a few homeless,

mostly senior citizens

many who are too old to work


even though they did for all those years.

The govenor, who probably put

her heart in her back pocket

when she hooked up with oil and gas

would rather save half a million dollars

and keep lots of good people hungry.


After all, she has to keep all the tax benefits for big

corporations who make lotsa money.

Hey gov, can you spare me some breakfast

for all my New Mexican friends?