Hungry Poets’ Cookbook?

- September 19, 2011

"If the frying pan/melts around the pat of butter/you are doing something wrong"

Yes! As I was reviewing a stack of books, mostly cookbooks, (I love cookbooks and am always willing to take donations, otherwise donate your unwanted cookbooks to your favorite thrift store.), I discovered the Hungry Poets' Cookbook, editor Glenda McManus, Applezaba Press, 1987. This delightful collection can be bought online. This book is a gem. It also creates a map of poets, publications, and discovery.

I tried finding out about Glenda McManus. Someone by her name may be living in the Los Angeles area. If you know more information please contact me.  She did a fabulous job bringing these poets together.

Enjoy these few teasers from the recipes:

How to cook properly by Harry Greenberg

If the frying pan
melts around the pat of butter
you are doing something wrong;

do not panic

check your flame

check your frying pan

if all else fails,
check your pat of butter.

Oranges by Karen LaLonde Alenier (for Jack)

She knew how to peel oranges
you were not interested...
she laughed
like a mother
and asked
can't you do it

Get the book to read the whole poem.

Leftovers by Margaret Ryan

I admire those women whose brew
of used roots and leaves called cabbage
soup solves winter hunger.  They know
how the jigsaw of uneaten meat and greens
melds into bubble and squeak, that all
recipes for survival are equal parts needed.  ....

Now your homework assignment is to find your copy of this amazing cookbook or write a food-related poem and share. Consider what steps you might take to reduce the hunger of strangers among you. Hunger knows not one season, it creeps around all year long.  Thanks for your poems and your help.