In Our Backyard

- September 12, 2011

"Hike often, improve your health and joy quotient"

Hungers float around our consciousness sending vague signals that prompt us to want more and more. What describes these vague yearnings? Would the chocolate fudge sundae quench that restlessness? A pizza?  The list continues and some actually follow the impulses to each stop and never discover satisfaction. Well maybe if you go to Horseman Haven's Cafe, and get the really hot green chile on what you want, maybe that will erase any hint of hungers.

Another journey that excels at creating peace and fullness is readily accessible -- taking a hike in the Santa Fe National forest on the way to the Ski Basin.  Do bring water and a few other essentials.

Tonight's hike followed a delicious dinner at Blue Corn Cafe, as neither of us had eaten much during the day.  The body does require adequate fuel for a good hike. My friend drove us up to Black Canyon camping ground. We walked through the campground and took the trail into the woods. When a fork appeared on the trail, I chose the narrow path.

The steep incline challenged all muscles and my heart soon felt as if it were in my throat. Challenges physical and mental help clear sluggish impressions. The arteries and veins eagerly flush the sludge out. Every exhale releases the old and the inhale fills the mind with the strength of deeply rooted tall trees. The steady pace connects one deeply with earth and sky. Each small step becomes small prayers showering gratitude for the gifts this planet so eagerly bestows upon us.

Clarity ascends allowing spirit to trust simple decisions. Sky darkens as we descend gracefully down the mountain. Heartbeat slows with the rhythm of easy steps. Cool air refreshes us. Review the lists of hungers, and most have disappeared.  All this at our fingertips.

Hike often, improve your health and joy quotient. Drink peace and let the spirit dance and celebrate.  Bring friends often to our backyard.