In The Stew

- January 17, 2012

"...the plants, native and non-native, have a lot to teach us About diversity..."

E.O. Wilson studies ants and espouses diversity most important La Mission favors tolerance and non-violence, even for the lowriders and the ex-cons Hugh Raffles suggests the plants, native and non-native, have a lot to teach us About diversity. 

When I went into my shop after watching about polishing cars and perfection renovation I thought we had nothing in common But we do You see, we all have something to contribute and something to learn In the 50s it was the melting pot In the 60s and 70s it was the salad bowl And now it is the stew concept, in my opinion.

I always liked stews anyway, with some bread, untoasted and butter on the side; Of course a tortilla on the side, with butter ……perfect. ...and green chili, of course.

In the 40s it was pushing each other around and yelling In the 60s the pushes pushed back at mom and dad And, once and for all, put whites on notice about brown and black and red And women got their stuff through in the decades to follow And the gays have almost made it And more downtrodden will be next So, as I stewed about it, I realized that I have more in common with the lowriders And they with me.