Inspiring Branding: The Bobble Bottle

- April 12, 2012

Recon Thursday/Physical Evidence

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing. Today is Recon Thursday and I want to share a branding success story that I hope will inspire and encourage you to keep your efforts going every day.

The Bobble Bottle Company is just two years old.  They sell a re-useable, very stylized water bottle with a patented filter that allows you to put tap water into it and still drink purified water.

This company saw the problem of disposable single-serve plastic bottles accumulating in landfills all over the world and looked for a solution to reduce that waste.  That is exactly what they were able to achieve.

Bobble Bottle created water bottles with built-in filters so they can be re-used hundreds of times.  This provides the purified water consumes buy bottled water for and also reduces the impact on the environment.

Rather than designing the technology themselves, they partnered with a company who already patented the filtering technology.  Demonstrating understanding of one of the 7Ps – Physical Evidence, they designed a unique bottle.

With an affordable price and a thirsty market all over the world, in two years they have gone from an idea to $40 million in sales all over the world.

I hope you find inspiration in the Bobble Bottle branding story.  It demonstrates that branding does work.  Regardless of what your goals are, stick with your marketing and branding efforts every day and you will achieve success.

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